Saturday, April 23, 2011

James Supra Blues Band @ Emaus Fire Co. #1 3/26/2011

First I'd like to apologize to the guys in the band for this update being so late.  I've had a crazy past couple of weeks, so my apologies.

I guess I'm fortunate there is just so much talent in the Lehigh Valley.  The James Supra Blues Band is one of the premiere blues bands in the Valley.               
James Supra is amazing on harmonica and vocals!

 Dana Gaynor is one hell of a guitarist!  I'll bet her guitars cry for mercy for days after a performance!

 Many will agree that Allen Wanamaker is one of the best drummers in the Valley. 

 Ray Grimmer on bass!  Outrageous!  True Blues!

 I tried some artistic things with this shoot.  The music got me in the mood.  Here's what I call the "Batman Angle", for those who remember the T.V. show from the '60's!

 Did I mention that Allen is an awesome drummer?  It's not too often that you see a guy go "Barbarian" on his kit!
 Here's a couple more 'artsy' pix.

All in all, the band was hot that night!  They really rocked the hell out of the Emaus Fire Co. #1!  If you're looking to see a great band and have a great time and great music.  Be sure to check these guys out.  Check out their website for info and upcoming events.  Enjoy!