Saturday, August 6, 2011

Das Awkcht Fescht 2011

This is usually a weekend that is either blazin' hot and humid or raining.  Well, today it wasn't so hot, but it was humid, and guess what, it rained!  At least it wasn't a total wash-out.  I got to walk around the car show and take some pix before getting soaked!
For some odd reason, I love the looks of a '58 Edsel!

 I snapped this one for my old man.  He had a '59 Plymouth Fury before I was born.
 Interesting point of view of a '57 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser.
 Need I say anything else?!?

 The Cheiftain head on a '50 Pontiac.  Yes, these actually light up!
 A Vespa?

 Featured car.....Camaro!
 My uncle had a Ramcharger just like this.
Most of the cars bugged out by the time it started raining heavy.  No matter, I still got to wander about.  Enjoy!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ric Toole Band @ Macungie V.F.W. Tiki Bar 7/16/2011

It was great outdoor summer gig!  The weather was perfect.  The band rocked!  Despite some mishaps(on my end, not the band's), it was awesome!

Chris Keating on vocals.  

 Ric Toole, as always, is amazing on guitar!

 Oh, yeah.  The mishap!  This is what it looks like when you drop a lens!  DOH!

 Sound and light by Sam and Jerry.  Well, Jerry didn't provide the light this time, but I love his work!
 Jimmy Kidd on steel guitar.  He's awesome!

 Gary Hahn on bass and some vocals. 

 Jimmy Weider on drums.

Southern Rock at it's finest!  Another must-see band here in the Lehigh Valley!

Check out their Facebook page for upcoming events and info!

Ric Toole Band on Facebook

I'm looking forward to seeing these guys again!  Enjoy!